Bizarre stories, web culture, and outright lying.
They're not just for undertakers anymore
A portrait of Pamela Stonebrooke
A boy and his software
Mr Methane is a gas, gas, gas
U.K. hopes to impress Martians with pop music and dots
Modern piracy on the high seas
Popular bugs cause controversy in Japan
Y2K cons, vacation terrors, and bellicose bystanders
Y2K comes early, hiding out in a hole, and sitting with the dead
Bring me your sperm, exploding parrots, and horny ducks
Heroin, Pinochet, ABBA -- oh my!
Pachydermalicious news you can't use
More inanity than you can shake a leg at
Breaking news on chess, prisons, and cows
The black market in bugs and strudel
Armpit licking on television and weapons for free
Disability, piss, and death
In the poorest countries of the world, kidneys mean cash
What those TV dads would earn in the real world
Insects have infested popular culture
Reality isn't always consensual
It's not just about Halloween anymore
A counterculture girl's guide to spotting a roving man
Shooting down the Jesus myth
The orgasmic release of the Apocalypse myth
Diseases of the dead and infectious
Testing the limits of self-expression
Bored Web surfers flock to see online execution photos
Strange recordings hold the secret of the afterlife
Kids, alienation, and amorality
The best gift of all
Fatal entertainment mishaps
The Church of Euthanasia's modest proposal
A nasal adventure
Brit Artists Tracey Emin and Billy Childish go very public
Hitler's drug is the new 'new crack'
Promises to mend evil ways
A delicious simian surprise
The true meaning of necrotechnology
Ease her pain, she'll polish your knob
Who killed Stanley Kubrick?
One woman walks away from the 'fat is beautiful' movement
A history of deadly hazing
Have you got it?
New evidence of violent tendencies in dolphins
Pro-life propaganda cartoon goes for broke
The marketing magic of Vampire Wine
Shellfish, genes, and atom smashers
Don't put that in your mouth
Space monkeys, protohumans, and smart drunks
Grow your own genitals, tiny footballers, and more
Turkeys, pheromones, and a better beer
Verily I say unto you, your mouth shall be filled with gold
Paranoia and mutilation compulsion
Relive the Cold War through 'atomic tourism'
A recipe for family fun
Ethnic speech translated into 'anglonics'
Scandalous newsmaker emails uncovered
A normal dude's guide to picking up alternachicks
A new take on the China embassy bombing
The Crapfest makes a mess
Sometimes, the most dangerous game is showing up
Our mystery date with Mahir
Our mystery date with Mahir
'Recovered memory,' demonology, and duck soup
Healing the wounds of the Atlanta massacre with Phish Food
Not your mother's Satanic conspiracies
Cults, religions, and BS in general
This week: Religion for Assholes
This week: Stalking for Assholes
This week: Anonymity for Assholes
This week: Disposable Identities for Assholes
This week: Spamming for Assholes
This week: Voting Fraud for Assholes
This week: Skepticism for Assholes
This week: Chatting for Assholes
Mocking Rick Wallace for Assholes
This week: Copyright Infringement for Assholes
This week: Digital cameras for assholes
This week: Floppy Disks for Assholes
This week: Windows for Assholes
This week: Porn for Assholes
This week: Torturing celebrities
This week: Newsgroups
This week: Portals and personal ads
This week: eBay
This week: Death for Assholes
Making art out of body parts
Death at Disneyland
When good search engines go bad
Death-dealing youngsters are nothing new
Japanese games take reality one step further
Web vixen gets shot by her own cam
Recent deaths contradict Breatharians' claims
Gender bending fun at the Michigan Womyn's Music Fest
Crackpots, conspiracies, and how
they amuse us
What is freedom worth to you?
The Orlando rodent emergency
The story of a woman and her diseased cunt
Turkey Day tragedies
One city's plan to pigeonhole pachyderms
On a wild goose chase for very special funeral services
Nothing changes on New Year's Day
'You're in urine!'
Death at the zoo
Debating the point of drinking urine
When a Catholic cult invaded my town
Memorable erotic mishaps
Thirty-five years after Bell's Theorem
Coming to a high school near you
Want to bet he's gay?
Rebels with a Claus
A GettingIt star guide
A GettingIt star guide
Pastor Steve on Christian polygamy
For them, 'gays in the military' is a necessity
Public menace or service?
Urban explorers go wherever they're not wanted
Dr. Don explains it all
Al Haig's lofty ambition to control international communications
Getting high with The Simpsons
The bombardier beetle and its ass of fire
A turgid comic strip
A turgid comic strip
A turgid comic strip
What we found in Tina's trash
A Miami-based shrink sells instant enlightenment
Looking forward to Y2K
Stone Willie is better off dead
Questing for miracles in a postmodern world
A tale of Lovecraftian horror and psycho-archeology
When the heads got together
Is the drug war a front for the NWO?
A friend of Babe speaks out against genocide and other state crimes
Icebergs -- frigid foes, or frosty friends?
The tangled web of godhatesfags.com
Fans fight freshened format
Bouncing toward Bethlehem
Intersexuality in the S. Pacific and around the world
It's all in the fingers
He's just an errand boy
And other drug tales from the world of baseball
Milton William Cooper in space
Tracking the Antichrist
A brief history of excremental art
Will the new millennium be powered by your ass?
New movie builds controversy on the Net
An interview with Tim Cridland
Is it the next health craze?
When doctors try to fix what ain’t broke
The ultimate in list-making
Beer vs. pot down under
An online chat with President Clinton
One man's afternoon spent as a corpse
Internet resurrects Halloween horrors
And you thought Tiny Tim's nuptials were weird
Market volatility takes on a whole new meaning
If it's not Baroque, don't fix it
Large-scale culinary disasters of the past
What killed San Francisco's flightless avian aquanauts?
Lessons learned from the cultural icon
Expensive government study misses the mark
Racist meteors race towards Earth
Newest fad among cricketers: urine & calves' blood