Cheat-Busting For Hipkitties
A counterculture girl's guide to spotting a roving man

Hey there alternagrrrls: Just because you smoke cloves, wear a Speed Racer shirt and listen to The Boredoms, do you think you've got protection against sleazing males? THINK AGAIN! Exhibit A: A six-foot dick with lipstick on its collar, sporting two guilt-ridden eyes and a pair of hands upturned in the classic "What did I do?" gesture. This is your man, and has been since the very first Neanderette confronted her man with a Stone Age rolling pin and a boy-are-you-fucked look on her face.

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... by Demetria-Marie Iceax
... in the Whoa! section
... from August 31, 1999

But in this oh-so-modern world with countercultures by the dozen, it's no longer quite as easy to spot the telltale signs of cheating. Sniff the perfume on his clothing? It's just as likely to be his. Sneak a look at his Little Black Book to find some bitch's name with three stars next to it? Not unless you know the password to his PalmPilot.

That's why you need the GettingIt guide to the 21st century lying sack of shit.


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