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August 30, 1999
Strange recordings hold the secret of the afterlife

September 15, 1999
There are plenty of eerie facts you've never heard about the siege

July 26, 1999
Straight couples and male anal pleasure

December 27, 1999
Hotel infiltration for fun, profit, and victory

July 26, 1999
How Andy Kaufman saved pro wrestling

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William Gibson is still 15 minutes ahead
If you were on the Net in the 1980s, you were probably a William Gibson fan. His Neuromancer trilogy defined the culture of cyberspace and made technology hip. It also unintentionally spawned legions of bad B-movies that can be seen during the day on the Science Fiction Network featuring handsome leatherclad computer hackers jacking into hallucinatory computer spaces with their sunglasses on.
Natasha Lyonne talks about KISS and her new film
August 11, 1999
Veteran prankster Joey Skaggs covers Rudy with crap
December 7, 1999
A new take on the China embassy bombing
November 8, 1999
The dedicated lifestyle of plushophiliacs
September 13, 1999
How Lewinsky fought evil, then got fat
August 4, 1999
All I want for Christmas is elephant dung
December 13, 1999