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January 20, 2000
Bouncing toward Bethlehem

November 4, 1999
The demise of genes in human evolution

September 23, 1999
Stan Lee in cyberspace

August 5, 1999
Crackpots, conspiracies, and how
they amuse us

December 22, 1999
And you thought Tiny Tim's nuptials were weird

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What is freedom worth to you?
Wars, famine, genocide, torture, mutilation, abuse of women and children -- the bewildering array of human rights catastrophes around the world is enough to stymie any neophyte Samaritan. What crisis has the best claim on your money and time.
Circus freaks, Calista Flockhart, crush videos, and more
August 27, 1999
Japanese obsession with two feuding old women and a vase
August 27, 1999
August 13, 1999
Olfactophiles follow their nose
January 10, 2000
Ho'in Hollywood
October 21, 1999
You can finally toss that eye patch
August 5, 1999