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September 15, 1999
There are plenty of eerie facts you've never heard about the siege

August 27, 1999
Those who can't do, fake it at the Air Guitar Championships

October 22, 1999
Modern piracy on the high seas

August 12, 1999
The selling of Billy Blanks

November 17, 1999
Recent deaths contradict Breatharians' claims

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Verily I say unto you, your mouth shall be filled with gold
Youth Pastor Nathan Sandford sounds like he's been on a really mind-blowing acid trip. It's all about God and dentistry. "I was freaking out," he said, recollecting what it was like to witness the divine miracle of a gold filling spontaneously appearing in someone's teeth.
Eminem, Jay Leno, Baywatch, and more
November 19, 1999
A former neo-Nazi talks about his past
December 10, 1999
Popular bugs cause controversy in Japan
November 18, 1999
One giant leap for porn
October 26, 1999
"Will sing-act-direct-
write-model for food"
September 29, 1999
What to do when your willie ain't so slick
January 13, 2000