Prince Willie Gets License, Gives Finger
Published July 30, 1999 in Whoa!

LONDON -- Having received his driver's license only Tuesday, England's Prince William was reported missing today.

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"Since yesterday, Willie's been a bit of a brat," Palace spokesman Sir Reynolds Chesterfield declared at a hastily-prepared press conference Thursday. "Going on and on about how he's 'the king of this' and 'the ruler of that' ­- it's all been a terrible bore, I do say."

Unconfirmed reports detail an emboldened William, who went so far as to declare to his father, Prince Charles, "You, Sir, are not the boss of me. I am out of here." Thereafter, William was reported to have sped off in the VW Golf he'd received as a birthday gift from his father, "giving the royal finger" to everyone.

The 17-year-old William did not file a route plan with Palace controllers, nor is he required to do so by law.

According to Scotland Yard, William was reportedly last seen in the vicinity of London's West End, where a male companion showed his pantless posterior through the passenger-side window as two shirtless females taunted passers-by through the vehicle's sunroof. Fenster Stratfordcaster, of SoHo, filed the reported complaint, although Scotland Yard has yet to confirm with other sources.

"Blasted kids almost hit me wife with a wee bottle of schnapps, they id," Stratfordcaster said.

Sir Chesterfield advised that if William is seen, citizens should bow to the Prince, after reporting his location to the authorities. Sir Chesterfield added, "But keep an eye on the bugger ­- he's mean as a badger and only half as bright."