Talking Dirty
What we found in Tina's trash

GettingIt is committed to bringing you the inside story on great events of our time. While rooting through the trashcans behind the shiny new headquarters of Tina Brown's recently unveiled Talk magazine in New York City (for entirely unrelated reasons), GettingIt operatives discovered stunning evidence of just how far Tina is willing to go to please her audience.

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Our findings consist of two memos and a cassette tape. After several hours of consultation with our attorneys, we are proud to present this material to you for the first time. The cassette tape has been converted to an audio file for your listening convenience.

Memo from Tina Brown to Staff
Memo from Crushank to Tina Brown
Recorded Phone Call to Fucking, Austria (MP3 Audio)

Editor's note: Repeated calls to Tina Brown and Bill Crushank were not returned. However, contacts within the Talk magazine organization, who wish to remain anonymous, report that Mr. Crushank is no longer with the publication.

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