Bringing Home The Bacon
What those TV dads would earn in the real world
Published August 5, 1999 in Whoa!

For two generations now, Americans have been raised on and by television. For many of us, our real parents were busy working, having affairs, leveraging buy-outs, or smoking pot at a no-nukes rally in Oregon. Thankfully, TV was there for us, providing surrogate mothers and fathers. It is, as Michael Franti put it, "a cathode ray nipple." But did you ever wonder how Dad did, financially speaking? Well, fret no more. The wonderful folks at Brookstone were good enough to calculate, in 1999 dollars, what our TV dads would earn based on their occupations and locations. Based on that, here's GettingIt's look at the earning power of dear old Dad.

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For a complete list of TV dad income, please see Brookstone.

Mat Honan is a senior editor at GettingIt. He's with stupid.