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Dr. Don explains it all
Published December 10, 1999 in Whoa!

Jay Stile did create controversy by posting my videos under the heading he did. Since I created these scenes I have firsthand knowledge that some people can and do think they are real. This is why I go to great pains on my Web site to let people know it is all fake. I have two pages of warnings as well as a "whois" page which gives a little biography of myself and the Web site.

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I hate real violence -- my videos are fantasy and no more violent than Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan or many other BIG BUDGET blockbuster movies produced in Hollywood. I've seen worse fantasy violence on HBO, TMN, FOX, etc. What about the real violence? What about the people who sit glued to CNN or MSNBC when something violent hits the news? Are they sick? Are those networks sick?

Those news stations that cover these violent acts in such detail end up giving the criminals the glory and 15 minutes of FAME they seek, and that could possibly contribute to the rise in shootings in the U.S. BUT... fantasy movie violence is just that... and 99.9 percent of us know it. Were Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Al Capone, and literally hundreds of other mass murderers from the early part of this century exposed to movie violence? Of course not! But MOST of this century's worst serial killers were pre-television kids, and living in the early days of movie-making.

This idea that fantasy movies that involve guns and violence are the cause of escalating violence in society is sheer stupidity. The cause of it is kids being brought up without fathers that love them and teach them RIGHT from WRONG, how to distinguish Fantasy from Reality, and that their actions in this life carry responsibility. Yes... the kids are no longer taught that they are responsible for their actions. People are always pointing the finger at someone else. "I was abused"... "The movies made me do it"... "It was the video games"... "Reading porn mags made me do it"... "I grew up in Brooklyn"... or some stupid excuse like that.

Anyway, my site contains material no more violent than some of the best box office hits that Hollywood puts out.

And it is by far WAY less violent than the NEWS because my movies are Fantasy... not REALITY. At the end of a video shoot we all walk away... we all go home... no one is hurt. Maybe that is the attraction for me. Maybe deep down inside, people that enjoy my work have that same fantasy that I do, which is a world where we only pretend to die, and no one gets hurt.

Maybe people like me have seen enough real death, and deep down inside we fantasize about a world where, at the end of the day, we all go home happy and alive. Isn't that a Real Sick thought? But it is a way to help cope with reality.

Dr. Don
International Falls, Minnesota