Little Jenni Homewrecker
Web vixen gets shot by her own cam
Published July 27, 2000 in Whoa!

There's nothing worse than catching your boyfriend with another woman... except finding out on the other woman's webcam, along with thousands of online voyeurs.

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That's exactly what happened to webcam operator Courtney P. The culprit? None other than JenniCam's Jennifer Ringley.

Even as the wedding invitation on Courtney's web page promised a "spiritual love fest" of "two souls uniting in harmony," Jenni's own webcam was broadcasting her sex with the fiance, according to the National Post.

Courtney eventually posted her account, which she says she composed over several hours. "Saturday night, Jodi, Jen and Dex partied and I didn't... finally went to bed at around 4:30. I woke up at 10:00 a.m... I walked over to Jen's... I had this sick sick sick feeling inside me like i'm already knowing the events that are about to transpire." Though she'd seen no signs, "Dex and Jennifer tell me that they have fallen in love."

According to her online journal, Courtney consumed several Xanax and later that night: "I cried and cried and cried and then I intentionally hurt myself..." She tried to have a friend take her to the hospital for emergency counseling but since they mis-read her social security number, she was sent to the county mental health center in a police car.

"I'm stripped of my shoes, my jewlery, checked for lice, given socks and put in a room maybe twice the size of my living room, filled with, at most times thirty to forty people... I was told to wait in that room until a doctor sees me, that a doctor wouldn't see me until probably the next day, and there is only places on the floor to sit."

It was an ignominious end to Courtney's ordeal. Though she got a room with a bed, she was returned to the room at 7:30, and it wasn't until 10 a.m. that someone actually spoke to her -- to inform her the visit wasn't covered by her insurance.

"He slipped through my life like craddled fog," Courtney concluded. And "I was still in the hospital when she posted everything in her journal..."

Dueling Camshows

"I may not know much, but I know that when you're given a chance to love like this, you don't let it go..." Jenni wrote in her online journal. "Everything else is bullshit..." But the gushy entry left out how she'd met her new love – and that's what pissed everybody off.

"If she really wants to be open and honest in her journals like she says she wants to, she should include ALL the facts," one viewer posted. A Usenet reader added "A simple 'I'm sorry Courtney' would have gone a long way in smoothing over feelings. Instead, she points the camera so that everyone can watch her have sex with her new boyfriend..."

One media media outlet Ironminds, suggested that Jenni's new love interest might be a hoax (Jenni did tell the Sacramento Bee that she was $20,000 in debt...), concluding with an even harsher descriptions of Jenni's status. "Jenni remains a former Web star who is still clinging to the red carpet, with concrete burns on her bare ass, as security keeps trying to drag her away now that her 15 minutes are long over."

Jenni's behavior even got to a reporter in Canada:

"[I]t galled me to think she could float above the controversy by refusing to be up front about the identity of her new lover," he posted to In his article in the National Post, the reporter calls Jenni's apartment a "slacker's nirvana," and adds more negative comments about her lifestyle. "With seemingly no means of support besides webcam revenue, Jenni, 24, whiles away her days in her spacious well-appointed surroundings playing computer games and, quite frequently, masturbating." In an apparent lapse of professionalism, he returned to the newsgroup to voice firm sentiments against Jenni. "At the risk of giving her more attention, I think the media needs, finally, to take a hard look at Jennifer Ringley. And then look away for good."

But the strongest response came from the audience itself. While Jenni continued televising her new romance, online viewers launched a chorus of catcalls.

"She's a whore," read one newsgroup post. "A skank. A skeezer. A pathetic excuse for a human being. A walking waste of oxygen." The denunciations were thorough and diverse. Another called her "a cow who deserves little sympathy," and a third added that "calling her pond scum is an insult to respectable pond scum everywhere."

Insults were also directed to her boyfriend. The Canadian reporter described him as a "grifting wookie," and on the "Peeping Moe's" bulletin board, he's "total scum, and will profit off of your support of Jenni, leeching it for pot and acid." Together, Jenni and Dex were "white trash love birds," and "garbage."

The angry audience even retaliated. One created a floating archive of Jenni's copyrighted cam photos -- a move which others supported. "To those who think this is immoral... It's not immoral, it's *illegal*; let's not mix the two, OK?"

Others maliciously posted spectacular audio recordings of Jenni moaning during sex ("Warning: do not play this at work") and even full-motion videos ("some serious humping and loving goin' on!").

Note: These clips are proving so popular that they're overloading the server; when they pull the plug, why not try bugging the regulars at for your own personal copy.

Break on Through to the Other Side...

"When we broke up last year, I was very calm about the whole situation," Courtney posts in her journal, "let him stay at the house for several days while he got the motivation to leave, and let him exit without any drama..."

"I was curious as to why he couldn't have shown me the same respect this which he replies, 'I don't want to talk about this.. we've done nothing wrong.'"

But, as the Canadian reporter posts: "I'm worried that Jenni is actually enjoying all the negative attention, simply because it's attention."

Since last weekend Jenni activated newly-acquired hardware to provide continuous streaming footage, the latest media on the ongoing scandal flooded across the internet in multiple formats. Angry comments from fans and Jenni's own televised life created an interesting counterpoint, as a post-modern drama emerges from an online montage...

Dex comes out and says good morning. Jenni says she's working. "This company is going to use my picture on the cover of their book." He puts his arms around her, she leans back against his stomach... He acts out a story about the cats. She's listening to James Taylor.

Jenni pulls his hand to her, and kisses it.

"I love you more than ever...."


"I love you more than ice cream."

"I love you more than any flavor..."

Jenni drags her fingertips across his shirt. "I love you more than fancy mustard." They pretend like they're spontaneously saying the lyrics to 'I've Seen Fire and I've Seen Rain'

(Naturally, someone archived the footage, and they're discussing it in "Uuuuugh, I don't know what is more despicable... Jenni and Dex's betrayal of Courtney, or the two of them sitting around listening to James Taylor! These two are pathetic beyond words.")

Dex: "Would you like a waffle?"

Jenni: "Yes, I'd love a waffle. (to camera): He's so good to me."

("Dex and Jenni are two attention-gobbling co-dependent black holes...." one viewer posts on a web bulletin board. "They are sick people and they are only going to destroy each other.")

"Thank you for going to get paint thinner," Jenni coos.

On her streaming camera, Jenni sings, softly -- a little self-aware. It looks like she's putting a CD on. Turns out it's "The Doors: "Break On Through to the Other Side." She calls on the phone to look for an apartment. She leaves her number for the realtor to call her back. Seconds after she hangs up, the phone rings.

"May I ask who's calling?" Tension. "Anything else? Okay. Bye!" The full significance of the exchange isn't clear until later. "You know all the animals got your phone number off the stream," Dex points out. "Hope you covered your butt."

"Sneaky fuckers," he adds.

The next morning Jenni's phone rings. Then stops. Then rings again. She's stopped answering it. Someone has posted her phone number and address in "Catch the Jenni and Dex LoveFest in person... Remember, There's Enough To Go Around."

Break on through to the other side...

"Ooze onto the Internet"

Jenni once posted in her journal that "JenniCam, instead of being a window into my regular boring life, will be a window into love. I'm convinced it will utterly ooze through the internet. It's undeniable."

Weeks later, someone posts on an online bulletin board, "He just finished a short oral session, topped off with a little 'warp seven' action..." while another adds, "Proper decorum suggests that you shouldn't fuck your stolen boyfriend in public for at least 2 weeks after stabbing your best friend in the back."

A third describes tuning into the streaming video "[T]he first thing I hear is what sounds like the ending part of the Blair Witch Project. I almost thought someone was abusing the dog, then I realized it was more 'oozing' going on. Those are either the sounds of someone in pain, or she is acting very badly.

The streaming footage is focussed on Jenni's empty desk, but on the old JenniCam, viewers see Dex on the phone in the next room, Jenni sitting in the chair next to him. In the next picture Jenni is sitting on top of Dex. In the next picture, he's got his hand on her leg... When that picture refreshes, she's leaning over him, and he's reaching up the side of her body with his hand...

A minute later, there's more of the same. She's on top, his hand crooked at the wrist, touching her arm. He's lifted her dress in the next picture.

Though the streaming footage is still focussed on Jenni's desk, it also picks up the sounds from the next room. "Ah! Ah! *whimper*.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, AH AH AH AHH AHH *squeal* (pause) *squeal* Ah Ah AH..."

The silence last less than 30 seconds. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, oh god, yes! yes! *squeal!* *Squeal!* Ohhhhhh.... oh...."

Someone at Peeping Moe's posts, "you know, it's a wonder he's not deaf..."


The End of the Affair?

Courtney posts on her bulletin board that "I really do wish the best for both of them.. i would hate for all of this hurt to have been in vain."

One sympathetic reader replies: "I have had almost the exact thing done to me, although it wasn't broadcast live, in my backyard, and by my best friend."

Ironically, Peeping Moe's still displays a 1997 letter from Jenni. "For people who miss the 'old' Jenni: People change. That's life. If what you want is sex and sex and more sex, I'll happily admit you're in the wrong place."

Old words linger online, creating strange coincidences. Six weeks earlier, Jenni had made a prediction in her online journal. "I have a feeling Courtney & Dex are going to get sick of me if we keep spending 4+ nights a week hanging out... Of course, it's been a comparatively long time since I've, well, slept with somebody so my hormones are beginning to blur my better judgment about the relationship issue... Seriously speaking, my goal is to remain single for a year. "

In the same entry Jenni discusses her plans to induce lactating with a breast pump -- and her conflicting feelings about it. "[I]t's this sort of thing that makes me completely certain I shouldn't be in a relationship right now -- if I can't even figure out my own motivations for doing crazy stuff, how can I expect to understand another person?"

An early July entry in Courtney's journal seems eerily prescient. She describes a dream she had just days before discovering Dex and Jenni had fallen in love. "I was held as a slave to a couple. Not a love slave, but they tortured and abused and hurt me.

"I killed them, and stood standing over the couple.. with blood in my hands, and scared and worried about what I was going to do next.

Ironminds suggests that the person most fascinated with Jennifer Ringley is -- Jennifer Ringley. Others seem to agree. "Check out the top right corner of Jennifer's monitor," one viewer posted in "She's watching herself!" Jenni continues broadcasting her day to day life, though it's the viewers' imaginations that interpret the narrative -- and in the story some watchers are supplying, there's been a turning point.

It's difficult to say whether the latest episode changes the Jenni phenomenon. The online exhibition continues, presumably exerting the same fascination for those who linger to watch. But at least a few members of her original audience are insisting that they've changed their opinions about Jenni for good.

"She is a big stinkin liar :( "

"Shes a big flabby phoney , and i'm glad we all found her out."

"Goodbye Jenni.. Our internet love affair with you, is over."

Lou Cabron is still an asshole.