Erotic fiction, comic strips, and all things sex.
Excerpt from SM Classics
He just really likes breasts
Tips on finding a great lay
Looking for love at the Edgewater West
Dirty gifts for your special someone
Prowling for debauchery in New Orleans
Chicks rejecting dicks (at least those attached to men)
An idea whose time has come
Erotic comic strip
Erotic Comic Strip
Erotic Comic Strip
Erotic comic strip
Chat rooms and tongue traveling
Car wrecks were never so much fun
Excerpt from Gone Is The Shame
The fetish of formicophilia
The dos and don'ts of getting bulldagger booty
Or why I consider Calista Flockhart erection repellent
Adolescent antics are making a splash in SoCal
Because Ken is simply inadequate
Taxi Dancing, alive and well in Los Angeles
The fright of facing more than a mouthful
Coprophagia for dummies
Straight couples and male anal pleasure
Creepy clowns and some stinky shit
Sex-crazed, psychotic clowns
Pyrophiles play Prometheus with their peckers
An avant-garde psychosexual romp
I'll take the Great Danes, thank you
You're what's for dinner
Fourteen rated rubbers
Erotic comic strip
Have sex in small spaces without getting caught
Self-mutilators and chubby chasers
Tips on the bloodiest of sports
Sexual deviance with everyday ingredients
Private dicks and other incriminating evidence
How to do it
Lolita revisited
Erotic comic strip
The Japanese art of Kokigami
The Japanese art of Kokigami
No personality or too much
Going in through the out door
Erotic comic strip
Erotic comic strip
Erotic comic strip
Erotic comic strip
Dangerous or painful aphrodisiacs
Circumventing circumcision
Porn stars who wrestle
Tell me you hate me
How to tear his eyes away from the TV
The dedicated lifestyle of plushophiliacs
How to seduce gays and lesbians
Overexposed and under-limbed
How to avenge yourself against human rabbits and other dorks
Erotic fiction
Erotic comic strip
Erotic comic strip
Erotic comic strip
A day in the life of a sperm donor
Comic strip
Be careful what you put in your mouth
A catgirl's guide to doin' it
Rump roasting and charity work
How to get your freak on when visiting your family
Erotic fiction
The ins and outs of yin and yang
Fighting for the right to masturbate
Spicy sex story
Kari French's cooch art
How to seduce a virgin
The hand that rocks the dreidel
Spoken word
Erotic fiction
How to shoot your wad farther
Erotic comic strip
Kama Sutra techniques
The decline of the quality quickie
Rank and file protestors respond
An erotic excerpt
'Dwarf' films cast a strange spell on the culture
Boldly going where no one should
A return to foot binding
Tales of the dickless
An excerpt from the Masquerade Books novel
Role-playing taken to extremes
How to do it
Feminism is useless at Native American gatherings
Hustler's mail-order pervert paradise
When a middle ground can't be found
It's all a matter of taste
Down in the flesh pits with Tyler Ondine Whitman
One giant leap for porn
Celebrating the body erotic
Erotic comic strip
Massaging the male G-spot
As good as the real thing?
An exposé on colonial copulation
Erotic comic strip
Because acting your age gets old
The sexual worship of stumps
Annie Sprinkle on sex, drugs, and what turns her on
Can the skin mag stay afloat?
'Nympho artist' carves puds from spuds
Swollen breasts are just the beginning
Performing from high in the air to down in the sewer
Doctor claims the vagina is a portal to enlightenment
Exhibitionism and kitty licking
Holiday advice
When vomit is erotic
Better sex through chemicals
Bad-ass goddess of the night
Let's hear it for creative knitting
Let's hear it for creative knitting
Five hours with Russ Meyer
She'll kick your ass
Erotic fiction
A surgical solution for the loosest of ladies
Erotic comics
Olfactophiles follow their nose
The erotic appeal of inflatable toys
Lunch with Al Goldstein
Modifying the penis in frightening ways
Making it personal
Liposuction at home
Erotic excerpt from the Masquerade Book Too Beautiful
Male love at midnight
Recipes for juicy jizz
Rough resolutions
An excerpt from the Carroll & Graf novel
Genital saline injection
Erotic fiction
Grease monkeys and vibe jockeys
Wanking women give up their secrets
Size does matter
Tips for the traveling john
Banging your buddy's bride
Interview with Jerry Stahl
Excerpted erotic fiction
An excerpt from the Masquerade novel
Interview with Felice Newman
David Sedaris calls it like he sees it
Whispers from behind the back door
One bad-ass lounge act
Make the most of Thanksgiving leftovers
It's all fun and games until...
Extreme gender cinema
Let him dream
How to be the MacGyver of bondage
How to be the MacGyver of bondage
What is sexy?
What is sexy?
Hypnosis and armpit fucking
Gear for today's detective
It's not just about getting off
Latex and leather in L.A.
Dorrie Lane teaches anatomy with her hands
The most common sex act is still taboo, dammit
Making a better fit
The geek sex underground
Changing diapers and stealing panties
A globetrotter's guide to proper groping
Erotic fiction