Here, Kitty Kitty
A catgirl's guide to doin' it

Nipple rings, genital piercings, and implants are some of the carnal candy used in bedrooms across the world as an added kink. But if you aren't ready to make a permanent change, you may consider the sort of havoc a set of three-inch nails might wreak on your partner.

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... by Eve Rings
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... from November 22, 1999

The people at the Alarmingly Long and Dangerous Nails Page enjoy this felinesque fetish, and have the videos and JPEGs to prove it. Now, I'm not going to recommend a steady diet of calcium supplements and Knox gelatin to achieve such drastic results, because you can go to any corner manicurist in any city and get the same effect with artificial nails. What's in it for you, you ask? Well, let's consult 1883's translation of the Kama Sutra by Sir Richard Burton, shall we?

Chapter IV

On Pressing, Marking or Scratching with the Nails

When love becomes intense, pressing with the nails or scratching the body with them is practiced, and it is done on the following occasions: on the first visit; at the time of setting out on a journey; on the return from a journey; at the time when an angry lover is reconciled; and lastly when the woman is intoxicated.

I dunno about you girls, but it seems to me the ol' KS is giving us permission to scratch the fuck out of our sweeties if they get out of line or we get loaded. And they might even like it. Before you go dragging your talons down your mate's testes, here are some things to consider: Be gentle. Yeah, yeah, I know. What's the point of maintaining feline-like daggers if you can't play rough with them? All men might not dig the feeling of you dragging your claws down their flesh, so it's best to start off slow and gentle, lightly scratching the back, thighs, nipples, stomach and ass of your partner. If you notice the desired effect, try digging a little harder. Afterward, run your tongue across the welts in order to soothe the sting a bit.

But don't go there. You know where. Unless your mate is a hardcore S/M enthusiast, I wouldn't suggest slipping your hooks into his backside unless he really wants you to. For those with nails filed into a point, I recommend purchasing some "finger-condoms" at any drugstore. They look like tiny white balloons and they can protect your nails, and his or her ass, from bloodshed.

Make your mate open all cans for you, dress you, type all your correspondence, and always get the door. If you're the kind of girl who has claws, you're the kind of girl who wants to keep them, so make him do all the heavy lifting in order to maintain the delicate beauty of a set of six-inch finger-daggers. And if he doesn't? Well, a sharp swipe to his face will have him begging to do the dishes and paint your nails for you.

Eve Rings is a 29 year old writer who tries to leave her mark whenever possible.