A Rack Of My Own
He just really likes breasts

It took Roger Effram some time, but eventually he found a plastic surgeon in Thailand who would make his fantasy into flesh -- or, at least, silicone. Roger got what he'd always wanted: breasts.

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... by M. Christian
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... from August 23, 1999

Not just breasts, but a pair of women's breasts. 32C, in fact.

It's become increasingly common for men to get pectoral implants for a firmer chest. Men like Roger, who get larger, softer breasts, are less ordinary. But Roger's not alone. Other erstwhile manly men have decided to go for the operation. Often the decision to get saline implants is part of a transsexual's transformation, but Roger and his fellow breast-sporting male friends are very adamant about their masculinity as well as their heterosexuality.

"I'm straight," Roger says, "I just really like breasts."

Small enough to be hidden behind a sports bra, his breasts are nonetheless prominent when exposed. "I didn't want to get anything too big. They're just right."

Unorthodox plastic surgery is becoming more and more common, as are unique body modifications. Many surgeons are allowing their patients to experiment with the design of their bodies. And if a certain patient wants something very unique (such as a castration) there are always doctors overseas who are more than willing to put someone under the knife. A very large percentage of transsexual operations, for instance, are conducted in Thailand and Denmark.

As for what some people feel about his operation, Roger is unfazed, saying he likes it and that's all that matters. "My girlfriend really likes them, too," he adds with a smile.


M. Christian writes and edits fiction and nonfiction. His collection of short stories, Dirty Words, is due out in 2000 from Alyson Books