Canine Cajones
I'll take the Great Danes, thank you

Jim Webb is going to be the first human to dangle a "bow-wow ball" between his long legs. On November 10, the 41-year-old Californian's nutty dream will come true -- a dog-friendly "neuticle" will be stitched into his scrotum-skin sack to replace the left testicle he lost last year.

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CTI Corporation, the fake testicle manufacturer, has rolled over 30,000 implants across the counter and into scrotums since December of 1995, mostly to pet-pamperers who want their hounds "hanging" normally after they're neutered. Mutts don't even know they've been maimed, if sensitive masters get the jelly-beanish ovals inserted.

Fake testes for humans have been extinct in the USA ever since silicone spheres were withdrawn in 1982, due to leaking. A neuticle, made of polypropylene or solid silicone (which replicates a doggie gonad's texture and firmness) "can't puncture, drip, or break," claims inventor Gregg Miller. "When the dog (or human) dies, the neuticle will still be perfect."

Lop-sided Jim originally wanted the medium-sized model, for collies, dalmatians, and pit bulls. But recently, his desire expanded to weighty mastiff dimensions: the 2" x 1" super-nugget that impersonates rottweilers, Saint Bernards, bloodhounds, and Great Danes.

Whimsically, we wonder if the perky pooch-placebo will alter Jim's daily behavior -- will he maul a mailman? Will he spurt puppy-semen? Will he defecate on lawns? Piss on truck tires?

He'll undoubtedly be teased for his cosmetic-canine operation, but everybody should credit Jim with at least one compliment: He's finally got balls. Two of them.

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Hank Hyena is a columnist for SfGate and a frequent contributor to Salon.