Boys Bending Over
Straight couples and male anal pleasure

Anal penetration is fast becoming the sex du jour among het couples -- but not in the way you might think. Time was when guys were desperate to fuck their gals up the ass, and many females were reluctant -- because, dammit, it hurt. According to a recent survey conducted by Underwire, the issue of coming in the back door still leads to power struggles. Well, pucker up, fellas -- it's your turn to bend over. These days the focus is on gals sticking it to their menfolk -- and the menfolk are loving it.

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... by Marcy Sheiner
... in the Crave section
... from July 26, 1999

The rise in the number of straight men who take it up the ass comes to us courtesy of sex toy technology. It turns out that the mighty dildo has even greater potential than its obvious uses for masturbation and lesbian fucking. A woman can strap one on, lube it up, and fuck her man, a genderbending role reversal if ever there was one.

Anal sex, though, isn't for the faint-hearted. The delicate rectal tissues are prone to tearing, so careless anal sex can be painful. Anal sex in general can also be a high-risk activity for transmission of HIV and other STDs. Therefore, a bit of preparation is required before plunging in. Lubrication and communication are essential, and condoms are highly recommended even if you don't intend to share your new cock between two buttholes -- condoms will help keep your toy clean and make the ride up his back door a little smoother. In addition to this, self education about gear and methodology is a good idea.

That the activity has become popular among adventurous and even ordinary souls is proven by the success of such books as Jack Morin's Anal Pleasure and Health (Down There Press). Reading about sex, though, can be dry; Fatale Video saw a hole and filled it with Bend Over Boyfriend.

True to the current trend in sex videos, BOB is equal parts education and titillation. Sex educators take viewers through the ins and outs of male-receptive anal intercourse, and the information is interspersed with scenes of couples doin' it for themselves. Two of the couples are novices, while the third, Carol Queen and Robert Morgan, are experienced players. For those who are squeamish or turned off by anal penetration of either gender, a view of Carol strapping it on and tenderly fucking her boy is guaranteed to open your mind, if not other body parts.

A sequel to BOB dispenses with education and cuts right to the chase: The purpose of the second video, like most porn, is to get viewers hot. Whether it gets you hot will, of course, depend on your proclivities: When I told my sister I was writing this piece, she said, "Oh my God! I had no idea that people did such things!"

Apparently, people do.

Marcy Sheiner is editor of the Herotica series and The Oy of Sex: Jewish Women Write Erotica. She has written for Playboy, Penthouse,TheSan Francisco Bay Guardian, and many other publications. Her book Sex for the Clueless will be released in the fall.