Bedding Bugs
The fetish of formicophilia
Published October 25, 1999 in Crave

Ants. Maggots. Cockroaches. Snails. Nauseating and creepy to some of us. But others find these slimy creatures a hot and squirmy kink.

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Usually this fetish develops in childhood, the accidental fly landing on a youngster's genitals while skinny-dipping on a warm summer day. Sometimes the kink worms its way into an adult repertoire when the tiny pitter-patter of bug-feet meet the blood-engorged flesh of a turgid cock.

One freakish activity involves spreading honey or jam on the privates and letting any number of bugs have their way with you, quivering under the crawl and nibble of anthropod amour. Still another requires insertion of the critters, either vaginally or rectally; the fetishist gets off on having them get out. The technical term for this bug play is formicophilia, which basically means someone becomes aroused by insects crawling on their genitals.

Other bugophiles prefer the tarantula. Because of the creature's hairy legs and body, some formicophilists swear it's the most sensuous of our eight-legged friends, while others enjoy the tickling sensation of a daddy longlegs.

David Lynch's Wild at Heart portrayed yet another form of buggy lust; the obsessed sandwich-maker Cousin Dell, played by Crispin Glover, who has a penchant for cockroach play.

You can practice this fetish at home. To lure this sexy sweetie from his hiding place, I suggest leaving garbage all over your house until one crawls out to get it on with you. Let it run all over your body, encouraging it to explore your chest and groin area. Then, to keep it interested, take some of that trash and rub it all over your body.

Me? I'll be in the corner -- with a can of Raid.

Eve Rings is a 29 year old writer. She'll be having the chicken this evening instead of the Unagi.