Split Down The Middle
Modifying the penis in frightening ways
Published August 16, 1999 in Crave

Tattooing, piercing, scarification, and even branding have been en vogue for quite some time now. But one form of extreme body modification is not so common -- penis subincision.

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Subincision is the act of splitting the underside of the penis from the urethral opening to the base. Originally performed ritually by Australian and New Guinean aborigines, penis subincision has now taken a place at the furthest extremity of postmodern culture.

A common response to this rather gruesome act is to cringe and wonder "why?"

Mike, one subincision practitioner, says he does it for the "visual aesthetic and great sexual benefits." Since the inside of the urethra is full of nerves, advocates claim that once the cut tissue thickens and gets used to being touched, it feels great. Many men who subincise their dicks first get the idea by sticking things down the urethra and discovering that it feels good. As Mike puts it, "parts of the penis that were formerly blind now can see!"

So it feels great for the split men, but what about their partners? Mike says that once his partners get used to the way his newly modified penis looks, they love it. Subincision broadens and texturizes the penis, allowing it to move and undulate in very sensual ways. Here's another perk for you women -- he can rub the cut open cock across your clit, allowing you to actually come inside of him!

The Body Modification Ezinehas plenty of pictures and instructions for performing a subincision. Although we don't recommend trying it out, the procedure is supposedly safe, and theoretically can be completed at home with a topical anesthetic. The only thing that might be a problem is urination -- the disruption in the stream causes most subincised men to have to sit down or risk it going all over the place. It's a condition that can often be fixed by an even longer subincision.

Whereas tattoos can be removed with lasers, and piercings are easily taken out, a split-open dick is yours to keep. And where to go from there?

Splitting the cock completely in two or castrationare always options.

Cara Bruce is a Senior Editor at GettingIt and editor of the ezine Venus or Vixen? She is currently editing a compilation of bizarre erotica entitled Viscera.