Anatomical Recycling
An idea whose time has come

Doctors at Zurich's famous Organasborg Institute have once again put themselves at the forefront of medical technology by pioneering the practice of Anatomical Recycling. And, like many great advances in science, this one happened purely by chance.

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... from October 18, 1999

"We noticed that many young people were coming to the clinic who had shaved off all of their pubic hair," noted Dr. Freidrich Mengele, chief of Internal Medicine at the Institute. "In some more extreme cases, patients eager to make their bodies appear smoother and more androgynous had lopped off nipples, testes, and even penises, a condition that we doctors call David Bowie's Disease."

The fetish of completely erasing all genitalia is an attempt to become pure. With the millennium fast approaching, the need to be smoother, sleeker, and get back to basics is running high. It's a way to feel in control when the uncertainty of Y2K is causing many young people to panic.

An enterprising young janitor, tired of lugging heavy trash barrels full of used organs out to the street, decided to place a box by the entrance to the Institute where these discarded organs could be left by donors or claimed by those in need of genitalia. Suddenly the clinic was overrun with patients, some wanting to shed body parts, others eager to try something new on for size.

On the smoothie flip side, extreme body modification fetishists are coming to Zurich in droves. The chance to add an extra pair of nipples, testicles, or even a whole cock is way worth the airfare. At alt.fetish.organs.again those who have completed the pilgrimage keep each other posted on exactly how the transplants are going.

The FDA is expected to make the practice legal here in the United States, as long as it can be proven that it won't interfere with the lucrative American transplant market.


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