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If you've got a surveillance job that requires the smallest camera possible, the Tech 7 Microcamera is the tool for you. The size of a quarter and needing just a pinhole to see through, it can be hidden in clothing, on a bookshelf, behind a wall -- even in a medicine cabinet, you devious bastard. But it gives you 420-line video and hooks up in seconds to your VCR or TV. It runs on AC power or a battery pack (included). $199.95.

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... from August 27, 1999

The Pro Trak 1 Digital Vehicle Tracking System is right out of a cop movie. It attaches to the target's car and broadcasts data to your remote location, including the distance and direction from you to the target as well as the target's direction of travel. It offers digitally encrypted transmission, ensuring that the signal remains confidential to your receiver. It'll also indicate if your target removes the device. And it's all just $2000!