She's Naked
She'll kick your ass

Jade-blue Eclipse. Dancer. Clothes designer. Sex worker. Cyborg femme-fatale. Alluring as binary code or the Snake In A Certain Garden, and as enigmatic.

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... from July 27, 1999

Born in Japan. Raised in America. Bodily fluids rich in the data-inscribed nutrients of flesh needs and millennial desire.

Like America, Jade is young, desirous, and in the long process of self-definition. Like Japan, her desires are deep and old, rooted in both body & mind, flesh & action. She's danced for money. Fucked for it, too. The meat part of her recoils, but the cyborg plots trajectories of attack & defense, balancing gain & loss.

The cyborg and the meat come together in her martial arts training -- handling the bo and throwing knives. And in her clothing designs -- fetish formal wear for apocalyptic adventures.

Her favorite bodily fluids: saliva, motor oil, pussy juice, vitreous humor, liquid crystal polymers.

Her favorite implants: SOG finger razors, Sony Multi-Language Processors, Zeiss night vision/x-ray vision ocular array, Braun Vagina Dentata, NATO-issue myoelectric grip/crush prosthesis.

  • coaxial
  • vanilla
  • tongue
  • latex
  • fur
  • Gila monster
  • sweat
  • peach
  • Desoxyn
  • the one who brought Tank Girl out
  • cruise missile sleek & bright as tracer rounds
  • Chrome Betty for stolen Harrier jump jets
  • sandpaper on virgins
  • Einst├╝rzende Neubaten
  • liquid latex dripping into your spinal column
  • thermal arousal sensors
  • pheromone indicators
  • voice stress analysis

Her frictionless lines are made for a night on the town, on the rack, or online-secondhand cranial jack humming with a thousand newsfeeds, porn loops, currency reports, '50s sitcoms, Indonesian music videos, NASDAQ quotes, surgical data feeds, Mexican variety shows, CDC updates, Russian military chat shows & Hindi musicals, as your frontal lobe melts.

Jade-blue Eclipse is a dancer the same way that...

...William Burroughs was a junkie

...Mata Hari was sexy

...Opium is fun in far-from-equilibrium situations will self-organize or self-destruct

...the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom

cyborg. girl. movement. modified. fuck. pain. data. knife. bottom. gaijin. roundhouse kick. hallucinatory. speed. heat. pierced. Mi Corazon Loca. Hiroshima. wirehead. ketchup. Quan Yin. San Francisco. Future.


Birth Date: April 20, 1999

Volume: 31463.2 Cubic centimeters

Favorite Neurotoxin: Saxotoxin

Blood type: A++

Hair color: Hypothermia Blue

Eye color: Black

Basal temperature: 101.5 Fahrenheit

Price: (if you have to ask, you can't afford this model)


Richard Kadrey writes about culture and technology in San Francisco. He has no qualifications for anything he does.