Erotic excerpt from the Masquerade Book Too Beautiful

She looks up at me impatiently. "I want you to come in my mouth," she says. "Is there a problem?"

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"No, I've been tested," I say. "I'm fine."

"I know," she says, and starts in again, stopping only briefly to grunt, "Fuck my mouth, do it in my mouth, and do it now," so I take her head and thrust into her and then explode, starting at the top of my head and going down my spine through my asshole out my prick, a big wham of an orgasm that feels like the ceiling fell on me. Spots float in front of my eyes; they turn white, and I feel her hands gripping my butt, forcing me as deeply in her as I can get.

Finally, I stop coming and she jerks her head away violently, gasping for breath, coughing; my sperm is propelled from her throat and lands on my bare knee. "God!" she barks. "Sorry... just a second." She takes my cock in her hand and sucks lovingly on it again for a moment.

She stands up and bends over the coats, scooping them under her. "Quick," she says, "put it in. Put it in my cunt, I want to feel it." I obey her, thrusting inside, although I'm oversensitive now after coming and it makes my flesh crawl. She bucks back against me, grinding her pussy around my cock, which is still half-hard, and just as she starts coming, in a different way this time with a different moan, low and long, the door opens and I put my hand out for another coat.

It's not Edward, though, it's Tommy. Lee is orgasming and she looks around and then away again, shutting her eyes. I hold her tight against me and let her ride, realizing she doesn't care about Tommy and supposing I don't either. When she stops, there's silence in the room except for her breathing; Tommy has come in and shut the door.

"You were right, Tommy," she finally says in a throaty voice. "He really does have a beautiful cock."

"You two know each other?" I ask.

"Lee's my girlfriend," Tommy says with undisguised glee. "I followed your example, as you see." I must still have a vacant look, so he says impatiently, "Fucking a girl."

Too Beautiful is published by Masquerade Books and can be ordered from The Erotic Book Society.