Truth Or Consequences
Let him dream

Sebastian wants Darla to do me. Or maybe I should say he wants to watch the doing. True, Darla is easy to watch no matter what -- or who -- she does.

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... from October 20, 1999

Long dark hair, big dark eyes, and a body that would make a eunuch grow a dick. Not that having a dick gets you anywhere at all with Darla. She only likes girls. Pretty girls. Girly girls. Girls like me.

Sebastian has it all running through his head, you can tell. This private porn movie of his featuring cheap lingerie and two women who can get each other off without smearing their lipstick. Women who... really... won't be satisfied until he enters the frame.

Men. Can you believe 'em?

Maybe I should tell Sebastian how it is with Darla. How her kiss is soft but insistent, her tongue silky-sweet as it probes and tastes mine. How she slips her fingers down between my thighs, parts my labia, circles and rubs my clit as she brushes her hard nipples against mine, presses her soft belly against me. How I feel myself melting into her: tongue and lips, pussy and fingers, breast into breast. Sebastian should know how Darla's tongue goes flame-hot when it touches my clit, how her fingers know just how far to penetrate, how Darla makes me come so hard I scream.

Or maybe not?