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Modern devices for phone security

Afraid that someone might be monitoring your midnight calls to 1-900-HOT-BODS? Well, the Tele-Sentry Tap Detector can tell you for sure if someone is listening as Scooby Doo tells you he's wearing a garter belt and stockings. A green light goes out if another phone extension is lifted or a recording or listening device is detected. The Tele-Sentry also automatically disconnects any other active extensions, so you don't have to run across the house to turn off the answering machine. $49.95.

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The Portable Voice Changer is one of the most advanced voice-changing devices commercially available. It's small enough to carry around, weighs just 10 ounces, runs on a 9-volt battery, and attaches to the handset of any telephone. It digitally raises or lowers the pitch of your voice so whomever you're talking to thinks you're Cosette the secretary or Bruno the bodyguard. $259. A non-portable version, the Voice Changer II, is available from Spook Tech for just $59.