Steal This Car
High-impact automobile security

If you're concerned about auto security, don't be satisfied with the wussy little Club or a car alarm. Get the best of both worlds -- and add some offensive capability into the mix to keep things interesting! Universal Electronics Co. sells the AutoTaser, a device which ratchets to your steering wheel just like The Club. The AutoTaser contains a motion detector that sets off a 110- to 130-decibel alarm when an intruder enters your car. If the thief doesn't get the hint, the AutoTaser zaps him with a 50,000-volt charge. $249.95.

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... by Thomas S. Roche
... in the Scope section
... from September 20, 1999

In South Africa, they take things one step further -- OK, maybe more than one step. Seems that in Johannesburg there's a bit of a problem with carjacking. 33-year-old entrepreneurial genius Charl Fourie has invented and begun installing a device called the "Blaster" which consists of, well, let's be blunt, twin flamethrowers. The flamethrowers are supplied by a trunk full of liquid gas and are ignited by a spark. A nozzle under each door squirts out flaming death when fired by a pedal next to the accelerator -- turning Mr. Hey-you-know-I-think-maybe-I-want-a-Lexus into something they might have on the menu at the Johannesburg Steakhouse. Fourie has already installed his clever device on 25 vehicles -- and his first client was the Superintendent of the Johannesburg Police's crime intelligence unit. If you're reading this and you're a South African carjacker -- for God's sake, move to LA, where it's safe. 3,900 SAR (South African Rand), or about $655.