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Unusual exercise contraptions

Inversion has innumerable benefits for the spine. Hanging upside down on a device like the Stamina Inversion Stretch Station relieves the normal pressure of gravity, gently separating your vertebrae and relieving pressure on your back muscles, spinal disks, and nerves. Hey, have you ever heard a bat complaining about lower back pain? $229.95.

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For internal sexual health, the Feminine Personal Trainer is a goddess-send. Using it five minutes a day is purported to improve vaginal tone and pelvic strength in two weeks or less. It works on the same principle that makes Kegel exercises so helpful, but adds resistance weight training for greater efficiency. While it might be useful for women having problems with incontinence after childbirth or vaginal injury, it also promises to tighten the "vaginal embrace." Made of stainless steel, the Feminine Personal Trainer runs for $109.95.

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