Bad Luck Buying
Purchases for Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is bad luck -- everybody knows that. But if you're an educated, science-savvy type you pooh-pooh such superstitious notions. Come on, show us how tough you are -- walk under an aluminum folding ladder from ALCO-LITE. These gems offer "the ultimate in portability," collapsing to just over five inches across. $157-$219.

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When you're done with that, mail order a black cat from the Family Love Cattery -- they'll ship your adorable omen par avion, which will have the kitten crossing your path, bringing plagues and damnation, within 24 hours. Oh, but don't forget to pick up a highly breakable mirror from tren.d.home, an online housewares retailer that offers seven years bad luck in a number of tasteful styles. $99-$264. Toss a hat on the bed, kick back, light three cigarettes with one match, and wait to get hit by lightning.

Thomas S. Roche is a GettingIt staff writer and one superstitious bastard.