The science of dog noises

Whether there's too much barking in your life or not enough, there's a modern device to pick up the slack. The Bark Free Bark Buster responds whenever your dog barks by emitting high-frequency sound waves that convince Rover that no, he really didn't want to bark after all. It's supposedly a "humane and effective" way to stop old Fido's nasty baying. But if I were the pooch in question, I think I'd have to take out my aggressions in a more socially-beneficial manner... say, chewing the shit out of your favorite slippers.

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The Spike Electronic Guard Dog, on the other hand, will add that barking right back into your life, where it's helpful -- like when that mob of Y2K looters climbs over your fence. The device senses motion in a 30-foot radius through doors, walls, and brick, and responds with a frenzied barking or growling. In fact, you can choose whether you want to have your valuables guarded by a pack of wild dogs, a single but highly-vocal Doberman pinscher, or a Mastiff that just kind of sits there and growls ominously.