The latest in flying diversions

If you dream of snapping Neve Campbell's photograph while she's reclining nude beside her backyard pool, you'll no doubt rejoice over Hammacher Schlemmer's Aerial Photography Model Plane, which, the company claims, is the only one made. The plane is operated by a remote that works up to 1,000 feet away. A Kodak disposable camera fits snugly into the plane's fuselage and snaps a picture from the air. The shame is that it can only take one photo at a time, but if you actually manage to get a snapshot of Neve you can probably afford a fleet of the damned things.

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You've always wanted your own blimp, haven't you? Come on, admit it. You're deeply wounded from a blimpless childhood. You mutter bitter comments about Goodyear under your breath, don't you? You wake up in a cold sweat knowing that there's a blimp-sized hole in your heart (sob!). Weep no more, my child. Pick up a Remote-Controlled Indoor Blimp and let that childhood trauma melt away. This blimp runs on helium (so you won't have any Hindenburg disasters) and will achieve an altitude of 200 feet. You can also snag a shimmering red Flying Saucer while you're at it to amuse and delight your alien-abduction-conspiracy-theory survivalist neighbors.