Take care of that tush

Having a little trouble getting out of that chair for a piss break after eight solid hours of Tomb Raider? What you need is the UpLift Seat Assistant. Its makers say it is "not an electric lift chair." Instead, it uses hydraulic pressure to hoist your behind out of its seat -- and when you sit back down, it cushions the descent. Just set the Lift Actuator to your body weight, or, for a real party, to a weight 100 pounds more than yours, so you can catapult yourself into the next room. Comes in two varieties -- regular and extra-hefty, both $149.95.

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... from October 13, 1999

Or maybe you're a real connoisseur of leisure, and even turning to get another Miller Lite out of the cooler is more effort than you can muster. How about a SwivelSeat? It's basically the ergonomic equivalent of a lazy susan -- one of those revolving trays you put in your cupboard so you can get to the allspice in case you ever need it. Of course, it's designed for old people with limited spinal flexibility so they can get in and out of their cars more easily (encouraging said geriatric types to drive more, a much-needed service to everyone else on the road who thinks 30 mph is much too fast for the speed limit on the freeway). But its increased ass-rotation quotient has many applications for the young and supple-bodied, too! For example, SwivelSeat makes it extra-easy to shake your groove thing while driving your SUV. $29.95.