Helping you grunt and sweat profusely in hotel rooms

Chances are, if you spend a lot of time in hotel rooms, you're not using them for the purpose for which God intended: Carnal transgressions. You're probably traveling for business; you know -- crappy sales seminars, trade association meetings, Mafia hits on foreign businessmen... that sort of thing. Well, if you're not gettin' it on your long-distance jaunts, you should console yourself by grunting and sweating through other means. Enter the AquaBells, ingeniously designed dumbells which travel as limp, ethereal plastic ghosts of their true selves so as not to weigh down your carry-on luggage -- but which fill with water at your destination and allow you to continue that rigorous weight training without having to find someone to lift and curl. AquaBells, $49.85 from Magellan's.

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If upper-body grunting isn't enough for you, dig the AquaBells ankle weights, which strap to your ankles and let you increase your lower-body tone through repeated rhythmic motions. You can even snag the matched set so you can look really geeky wandering around the hotel corridors looking for somebody to love. That way, you'll guarantee no one will want to be seen with you -- making the AquaBells the perfect going away present for husbands with wanderlust and potentially unfaithful boyfriends. AquaBells ankle weights, $24.85 from Magellan's; matched set of ankle weights and dumbells, $65.00 from Magellan's.