Modern appliances for the golfing fanatic

With winter coming up, you probably won't get out to the driving range to practice your golf strokes the way you have been, right? That's where the Golfer's Swing Improver can come in. You can set this puppy up in your back yard or in your toasty-warm living room and swing away to your heart's content. A digital display shows you how far and how accurately you're hitting the ball. It adjusts automatically for commonly used woods and irons and uses a 9-volt battery.

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Of course, if you welcome the onslaught of cold weather because golf is so strenuous, you can get all the pleasure of a leisurely 18 holes without ever getting off the couch. Hear the rousing sounds of the golf course: the shout of "Fore!" and the swing of a club -- even the applause of impressed onlookers -- as you press the buttons on the Golf Remote Control. It controls almost all TVs, VCRs, cable boxes, and satellite receivers. You may never have to golf again.