Mangled Verses
I think that I shall never see lovely Pavement poetry

Where Pavement gave neglected fans a call

their label's page used surly PR flacks.

("Am I a Mr. fucking-know-it-all?")

Would poems add the soul their Web page lacks?

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... by Mat Honan
... by David Cassel
... in the Dirt section
... from August 19, 1999

The online Pavement Poem Contest grew

But some would dis the band instead of gloat.

Some smart-assed slackers slagged them in haiku

or borrowed lyrics Stephen Malkus wrote.

Glib poets chased the laurels to be won,

Submitting surreal online Zen -- and worse.

But frankly, cooler contests have been done.

They bitched about the prizes in their verse.

Here's our advice for band publicity:

There's better ways than online poetry.

David Cassel and Mat Honan are GettingIt editors. Sometimes they rhymes slow, sometimes they rhymes quick.