John Wayne Bobbitt Has Lost His Dick -- Again!
Published August 5, 1999 in Dirt

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. -- Talk about déjà vu: John Wayne Bobbitt has lost his penis again.

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This time the absent organ is a six-foot-tall penis costume that Bobbitt was planning to wear in his new comedy routine. Bobbitt last saw the giant penis in Buffalo, New York, when he left it in the back seat of his car. When he returned two hours later, it was gone.

The costume, estimated to be worth $1000, was for a gig next week in Toronto. According to Bobbitt's manager Robert Yates, the giant sheath comes equipped with two jet packs, one with yellow fluid and the other with white, concealed on John's back. Yates explains that John simply bends over and "aims it out of the eye of the penis." The yellow is reserved for hecklers, the white for girls he's trying to pick up.

Adding to the ambience, the show's backdrop is several giant vaginas made of a felt-like material. Each is covered with a different skirt, which represents a type of woman -- prostitute, cheerleader, and preppy girl among them. There is also a woman behind each vagina who talks back to John. Part of the routine, says Yates, is that "the skirt will raise up and John will dive right in and have sex....When he comes out from the prostitute's vagina he's covered in crabs."

Yates says John is in talks with Comedy Central and Saturday Night Live -- hoping they're interested in featuring him as a big dick. For now he's starting small, with local shows.

Yates is asking anyone who knows the whereabouts of the giant penis to contact him directly at (716) 297-9006 -- but don't expect a reward. According to Bobbitt: "I didn't pay to get the last one back -- and that was used."

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GettingIt Managing Editor Allyson Quibell contributed to this report.