Have You Seen These Looters?
NY State Troopers post Woodstock riot photos

New York state police have posted a Woodstock's Most Wanted site on the Web, hoping other concertgoers will come forward to identify rioters at the Woodstock '99 festival two weekends ago. Troopers are "currently investigating numerous reported incidents including larceny, criminal mischief and sexual assault."

The Web pages form a sort of police scrap book, where even the page names give a remarkable dissection of the riot.

"Tearing Down the Peace Wall"

"Looting of Ace Hardware Trucks"

"Destruction of Sound Tower, ATM"

"Attacking and Destroying the Pay Phones"

Servers were heavily overloaded Monday morning -- but GettingIt has obtained a complete set of photographs. "Please examine the photographs displayed on this Web site to see if you recognize any of the individuals in them," the New York police have requested. "Some of the concert goers photographed were committing crimes [sic] others might have some information to help us identify those who were."

But some tips may be more welcome than others. USA Today reports that "The state police internal affairs division is looking into reports that troopers asked female concertgoers to bare their breasts and posed with them in photos."

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Police Description
Monday morning: Looters carry away bounty from pillaged Ace Hardware trailers.
Monday morning: A young man uses a pipe to break into an Ace Hardware tractor trailer parked in the campground area of Woodstock '99
Monday: Youth comes to Woodstock '99 prepared with gas mask.
Monday morning: A concert goer hammers a pay phone off of a Bell Atlantic phone truck.
Early Monday morning: Two people rifle an automatic teller machine at Woodstock '99.
Monday: Concert goers climb on sound towers that were pulled down Sunday night.
Concert goers lean part of the Peace Wall against the remaining wall to stomp it into smaller pieces to take home.
Part of the Peace Wall near the East Stage falls after some effort by two young men.

David Cassel is Interactive Media Editor at GettingIt.

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