The most modern of sex toys

What's indestructible as a cockroach, soft as rose petals, and smells good, too? A Vixen Creations dildo, of course! And that's after it's been in my butt. The Stinger has a pleasing shape, and best of all, in a swirl of yellow and black it looks more like a bumblebee than anything else (the only rod that should come in flesh tones is the real thing). Plus, Vixen's dildos are very, very durable: You can boil them, bite them, flagellate your slave with them, and still have something left to play with come bedtime.

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... by Amy Rasmussen
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... from September 27, 1999

From long and large to short and sweet, Vixen has all bases covered with its Nexus, a double-header dildo with limitless possibilities. Use one side as a handle, or use both to probe the reaches of delight. For you gals, the Nexus lets you have your cake and eat it too: slide one end into your pleasure zone, grab hold at the base, and use the other end like a strap-on to delight your partner. When it comes to filling two chicks with one bone, the shape and angle of the Nexus put all other double dildos to shame.

Check out Vixen's Web site to get your fill of toys in all different shapes and sizes, from knobbly realistic to plastic fantastic. Vixen Creations offers a lifetime replacement warranty, so you're guaranteed plenty of pleasure to come for a long, long time.

Amy Rasmussen never put her toys away.