Santo Claus v. Super Kwaanza v. The Matzoh Mama.
"Our Christmas show. We had another nationality, I can't remember. We had this girl dressed in a total Long Island Jewish woman outfit, one of those bedazzler shirts, her hair up and glasses and this big purse that she carried through the whole match. She pulled out matzoh and threw it out on the crowd and then she had a plastic menorah that she was hitting people with. Then we had Super Kwaanza that put out her Kwaanza feast that got messed up by Santo Claus who was wearing a Santa Claus outfit with a Santo mask."

Uncle NAMBLA v. Little Timmy. "That one bothered a lot of people, which is the main reason we did it. Uncle NAMBLA won because he ended up clubbing Little Timmy over the head, chloroforming him, and dragging him out of the ring."

Marty Stouffer's "When Animals Attack." "We had a Cesar's Lion character, because we had a Jesus vs. Cesar match and Jesus came out with an eight-foot cross. So it was Macho Sasquatcho, El Diablo Chicken, Caesar's Lion and then we had this bear, I don't remember his name. We had a park ranger that came out with a net. They've done a couple of Marty Stouffer ones where they attacked hippies who were on their way to a Phish concert.

The Marriage of El Homo Loco to El Cruiser. "Evangelico, the conservative Christian minister wrestler, was performing the ceremony. When they pulled the bridal veil up over El Homo Loco's head and Evangelico saw that it was two men getting married, he was outraged. That was the start of the fight. The Castro Kid was flower girl/ring bearer."

Chango Loco v. the Chicano Flame. "One of the best of our semi-pro matches. Chango Loco has progressed to be such a great wrestler. It was the best match I've ever seen him do and it was a fucking incredible Lucha match, straight up Lucha. I got in on the Chicano Flame match because, well, Chango Loco had been kicked out of the show a few weeks back. [But] because he'd helped a fellow wrestler out of a tight spot, we let him back in on a probationary level. Right away he began to bad-mouth the league and the other wrestlers, so I got in the ring and clobbered him."