layer hidden off the screen

Hip Hop for Honkies 101

Never hesitate to use your "bubble". After all, you're a "baller" and that "herb" next to you at the restaurant, looking all "heated," is just a "straight-up" "hater."

Martha Stewart may be "mad" "gassed," but you respect her ability to create a "blazing" "crib" and her avowed refusal to accept anything "schwag."

In fact, since you're "dolo" "up in this piece," you probably wouldn't mind if she joined you to "puff" an "L." Now wouldn't that be "off the hook?"

For one thing, she is quite a "dime," and certainly preferable to all the "shiesty" "chicken heads" who, along with the "buffers," aggressively seek to "catch shots" with you and peers like Donald Trump.

To keep them and other undesirables at bay, your "homie" Ron Perelman suggests acquiring the services of a "diesel" bodyguard, who should perhaps be armed with a "toolie." If nothing else, he can at least drive your "whip" and otherwise stand as evidence that your are hardly some "nolo."